INFO QUICK - Test it now

This is a GREAT way to get the information that you want customers to see on your Smartphone quickly !

Why is Responsive important

With figures showing that people are increasingly using their Smartphones to access the internet then...

Web or Native Apps

There has been a lot of talk in the media about these but what is the difference, surely an app is an app !

SMS Marketing

Probably the best and most cost effective way of delivering a sales message and building a customer database...

Who is Kingswood Media?

Creative thinking in the heart of Shropshire

Brian Foster set up Kingswood Media to widen his client base utilising his experience with UGolf Media where he advises Tourist Boards, golf resorts, golf clubs and golf associations across the world on how to market their golf courses more effectively through responsive web design techniques, data capture and the allure of powerful imagery.

What We Do

Just some of the ways we can help

  • Free consultation and analysis
  • Utilisation of Emerging Technology
  • Low cost demo construction
  • Personal and focused service
  • Help on building your online presence
  • Listening to "can you..." questions

Rewards, Vouchers & Tickets

exciting news for small businesses...

Have you ever wanted to set up your own loyalty scheme but never bothered because you assumed it would break the bank? Well think again as Kingswood Media can now provide businesses from a one man band to multi nationals with a very cost effective solution based around the Smartphone... click on the image above to find out more.