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Multitude of uses for this unique service...

This is such a great way to provide information and is such a simple concept. By promoting your number anywhere, anytime and in anyway you wish it is an extremely effective way of delivering valuable information straight into a Smartphone no matter what type of operating system or make of Smartphone the caller has.

The Four Seasons Hotel advert above is a good example of how we can provide local numbers in USA, Mexico and the UK all of which will deliver the same data but with consumers only paying for a local call which for millions will be FREE!!

We can provide this solution in over 40 countries using five core languages and 26 dialects as well as the announcement being a male or female voice.

Another example of how Info Quick Lines can be used and probably its greatest potential, is on product packaging where space is almost always at a premium. Adding an Info Quick Line allows callers to interact with that packaging for a whole new experience.

In the example below you can see how it can be put to great use by providing immediate access to recipes but at the same time capture consumers’ mobile phone numbers for the brand and build an invaluable ongoing marketing database.


  • * Puts data into a consumers' Smartphone quickly
  • * No app to download and configure
  • * Use of local numbers means a free call for most
  • * Responsive pages deliver best user experience
  • * No frustration of putting long URL into Smartphone browser bar


  • * Endless interactive possibilities for brands
  • * Data capture builds marketing database
  • * Costs directly related to volume of calls
  • * Short term campaigns possible
  • * Local numbers for 40+ countries
  • * Five core languages and 26 dialects


On making a call to your Info Quick Line consumers will hear an announcement explaining that they have a series of options they can select from such as;

  • Option 1 for product info
  • Option 2 for product video
  • Option 3 for product feedback
  • Option 4 for our latest offers
  • Option 5 to speak to customer services
On pressing any of the Options 1 to 4 a text message is automatically sent to the caller’s Smartphone containing a link to a web page which when tapped will open a new browser window and reveal the designated information. On selecting Option 5 the system will automatically dial the business number you provide for us to route it to... such as sales or customer services, where your staff would handle the call as normal.

Whilst the links can be to any live URL we cannot stress enough how important it is that these pages are responsive. In other words the pages can be read comfortably in a Smartphone. This is very important because you do not want consumers dialling your Info Quick line only for them to have to zoom in and out in order to read the webpage... they will soon go elsewhere!

We can build really effective responsive pages that can be used in conjunction with your Info Quick Line and would make a dramatic difference to the effectiveness of your service.

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There are three components that make up the cost of using any one of our designated Info Quick Lines;

[1] Allocation, Setup and Rental of the Info Quick Line number
[2] The SMS (text message) fees applicable to each text sent to a caller.
[3] Construction of responsive designed mobile pages

There is no contractural commitment beyond the period you choose for your campaign.

Please contact us for a quotation
This involves the allocation of your number and the period you require it for. Your number can be for any town or city in the UK or any of the 40+ countries from our list which is updated as and when new coverage is available.

We will also need to work closely with you on the voice announcements in order to clarify precisely what you are going to say and advise you on the appropriate words in order to retain clarity of speech.

In instances where you wish to set up numbers outside the UK and require the announcement to be in one of our five core languages and/or one of the 26 dialects then we would recommend you to a specialist translation company who will work with you to construct the correct local translation. You can of course use your own sources to create this script.

For each one of the options that will be sending a text message the message has to be created and the code written that will deliver this message.

It also has to be kept to within 160 characters including the URL so in order to minimise the number of characters we use a shortended URL which has the added advantage of providing tracking data which will be useful for analysis purposes especially on marketing campaigns.
SMS charges are paid for by purchasing credits. This ensures that your account will always hold funds to pay for the text messages that have been used. When your balance falls below £5 we will request a further payment to top up the balance. This method is more commonly referred to as a revolving credit.

The minimum credit amount is for £50. The more calls you receive and text messages that are sent out each month the cheaper the SMS fees become. It is possible to secure a lower SMS fee by creating a larger credit balance.

At the end of campaign periods any remaining credits are held in your account and can be used on your next campaign. You can also request repayment of the balance but we would deduct a £5 admin fee.

It is extremely important that when people tap on a link that the designated web page is responsive and can be viewed with ease in any Smartphone screen. Linking up to unresponsive webpages on a standard website can prove to be extremely frusrating for consumers and as technology has advanced at a rapid pace so has our impatience and in these circumstances they will just go elsewhere!

We will assess the pages where your URL's are pointing and if appropriate we will discuss with you the importance of making these pages responsive.

We can build these pages for you so as to avoid these navigational issues from a single responsive page to a much more complex series of pages containing image and video galleries along with enquiry forms, product reviews, feedback questionnaires, competitions and a whole lot more.

Please Note: The destination of the URL's will be determined by you and would usually be to a page on your website. As we would have no control over that destination then we will not be held responsible for the content of those pages. Kingswood Media however reserves the right, after first checking the content of the pages and website to where the URL's are pointing, to reject the placing of the URL if that content is offensive in anyway and/or encourages the breaking of the law.

Because our Info Quick lines can be used across all sectors then the benefits can vary depending on the sector within which you trade. For instance Publishers can use it as a way of providing access to exclusive information on new book launches just by including the number in press releases.

Brands can promote their Info Quick Line at exhibitions where the public can call the number to access data on the spot which has the potential to increase customer contact at the exhibition.

By adding an Info Quick line to a brands packaging it can be used as a way of providing all sorts of relevant and helpful consumer information. In particular D-I-Y products where an option could contain a link to an instructional video helping customers to build and care for their new purchase and food products with links to a recipe video!

The service will also help businesses to build up a database of consumers mobile numbers for ongoing marketing campaigns which Kingswood Media will manage for you. The Info Quick Line will be compliant with the Data Protection Act and The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003

One of the financial benefits for businesses is that apart from the setting up costs then because the SMS charges are directly related to the level of responses then if no-one ever calls your Info Quick line then it will not cost a penny more than the set up fees!

Consumers will also benefit greatly from the Info Quick line service because it creates quick and easy access to endless amounts of data, video, images, forums, social media, etc. etc. but perhaps of most significance for them is that for the vast majority of people the call will be free with it being included in their monthly mobile tariff.

With Ofcom's changes on Non Geographical numbering coming into force on 1st July 2015 then 0800 and 0808 numbers will at long last be free to call from a mobile. Kingswood Media are more than happy to provide these numbers as an option to provide a solution for businesses who want to use a FreeCall number as their Info Quick Line.

If you would like more information then please call us on 01743 581425 by email on or complete our enquiry from below.

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