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Thank you Joe for encouraging businesses to sign up for our Loyalty, Voucher & Ticket platform and he's right because as there are no contracts or monthly fees then it really is a "Pay as you Go" system, which given the difficulties faced by many businesses these days then this provides an excellent opportunity to set up your own scheme for little if any financial risk!

Mobile ticketing will enable a business of whatever size to send individuals or groups of customers; voucher codes, loyalty cards, special offers and tickets which can be sent via SMS and Passbook directly to mobile devices for instant redeeming by the recipient. This means that through the Kingswood Media platform you will be able to send, receive and redeem any voucher, anytime, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The requirements for printing hard copies, time delays and postal/printing costs can all be avoided. You will be able to take advantage of immediate impact SMS reward schemes and optimise spontaneous purchases with the delivery of the right voucher at the right time.

The codes used will be 100% unique and non transferable, plus the scanning and use of mobile codes and tickets are single use removing the chances of fraud and redistribution.

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We all have a reward card from one of our many national supermarket brands, petrol retailers, pizza chains, etc. and they all provide us with a plastic card to cram into our overburdened wallet. In fact you are constantly having to re-organise your wallet to just carry what you need on a daily basis but always frustrated when you go into a store to find it was the card you left out!!

Anyway millions of retailers have envied the success of these schemes in doing exactly what they set out to do which is to create loyalty with their customers... "give a reward for regularly shopping with us and customers will return in their droves".

The problem is that when you've looked into developing something similar it proves to be far too expensive and even if you can put together a basic scheme yourself there is always the issue of fraud and dishonesty with your customers.

This is why our scheme will be the perfect answer for you in that you only pay when you and your customers use the scheme and as it is based entirely around the Smartphone then all the work has already been done as far as security is concerned so you can just jump straight into setting up a scheme without all the headaches!

We all love a discount or special offer and our newspapers and TV screens are constantly tempting us with a campaign of one form or another.

It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch and this is never truer than with the marketing of discount campaigns where the motivation of the brand is to get you to buy their product or service on a regular basis. A 50% reduction is an offer worth taking and if you fall in love with it then you will go back for more at the FULL price so it’s money well spent as far as a brand is concerned.

But trying to compete with the big brands on TV and press head on is a non starter for the vast majority of businesses and is why focusing on a local/regional basis, depending on the product or service of course, makes more sense.

Setting up special offer and discount voucher schemes through our Smartphone based system not only keeps costs to a minimum but the security that is built into the system ensures that representation of vouchers is virtually impossible!

Do you organise events where the public attend or exclusive events where entry is restricted to invited guests only?

Both of the above can create problems with forged tickets and black market demand depending on the size and noteriety of the event which causes serious adminstrative and security issues for the organisers.

Also eating into the budget of these events are administrative, printing and postage costs of the tickets.

This is why moving to a Smartphone based ticketing system could be an extremely viable solution not only from a financial point of view but because of the ability to instantly recognise if a ticket is valid and who it belongs to!

There are four components that make up the cost of running a campaign which are;

[1] Managing of your campaign
[2] Cost of SMS telephone number
[3] Cost of the messages being sent
[4] Building of mobile pages viewed by the golfer

UGolf Media will manage campaigns on behalf of registered businesses. The management fee is £249 irrespective of whether it is a Loyalty, Voucher or Event Ticket campaign. On your first campaign you will receive 500 FREE SMS Credits.

The following are just some of the services we provide in managing your campaigns;

Upload of customer database and entering of new customers
Advice and input on the wording/strategy of a campaign
Advice and input on the design of a campaign tick
Generation and integration of ticket codes tick
Administration and reporting of campaigns tick
Administrating "Opt-In and Opt-out" legislation tick
Optional telephone helpline service if required tick

When promoting a campaign it will be inextricably linked to a number which would be either a Short Code number (60 777) or a standard mobile number (07XXX XXXXXX)

Owning your own Short Code number requires a considerable investment and commitment and so is designed mainly for high volume campaigns with national brands. However Kingswood Media has shared access to a number (60 777) which we can use for our client's campaigns.

In all Short Code campaigns the customer would be asked to text a word to 60 777 this word is known as the Keyword. With a shared use of the number then the availabilty of ideal Keywords can be difficult as they may have already been taken. In these situations then a generic one would be suggested that most closely matched your requirements.

Customers texting a Short Code number are very likely to be charged for that text by their mobile provider and would be expected to be in the region of 10p even if the customer has an unlimited text messages tarif.

The cost of using the 60 777 number and keyword per campaign is as follows;

1 month On request £25
3 month On request £75
6 month On request £135
12 months On request £240

However Kingswood Media have our own long numbers where we can dedicate a keyword to your business so that apart from the cost of the SMS messages you use on campaigns, you only pay for the number for the period of time you run a campaign. This is ideal for Reward campaigns aimed at customers where you want to encourage them to return to your premises on a more regular basis.

The long numbers are exactly the same as a normal mobile phone number and are chargeable to customers as a normal text message and so could mean the texts they send to your campaigns are free as many people have unlimited text messages on their mobile tariff plans.

The cost of using these numbers and a business related keyword per campaign are as follows;

1 month FREE £20
3 month FREE £55
6 month FREE £100
12 months FREE £175
SMS Credits for Reward, Voucher & Event Ticket campaigns can only be purchased by single payments.

Kingswood Media will work with you to determine roughly what quantity you will need prior to the launch of the campaign. The prices fall the larger the quantity you buy so it makes sense to assess as close as possible the desired amount required for each campaign.

During the campaign period you may need to buy more credits if it is proving more successful than was envisaged. Additional credits will be charged at the accumulative rate so if the intitial amount invested was £200 and you need to spend a further £300 then you would be charged at the rate for £500.

If when a campaign has finished you have credits left over then you will not lose those credits as they will remain in your account for future campaigns.

The creation of your Mobile Page which contains the Reward, Voucher or Event Ticket is included in the management fee.

We will work with you to agree the most suitable colouring and images so that it reflects your business branding and is therefore instantly recognised when being presented for redemption.

If you would like more information then please call us on 01743 581425 by email on or complete our enquiry from opposite.

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