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SMS is one of the most effective ways of building customer confidence in the services you offer and provides you with an extremely effective platform from which you can target those customers with early bird and exclusive offers, appointment reminders, ordered goods arrival, etc.

Mobile marketing has become viable for businesses across all sectors and size so whether you’re a one man band or a multinational company there are many reasons why you should consider integrating it into your marketing strategy.

97.5% of SMS messages are read within 5 seconds of being received (Ofcom - 2011)

Response rates for mobile are 4 times higher than other direct marketing mediums (Mobile Data Association - 2011)

81 per cent of adults keep their mobile switched on all of the time, even when they are in bed ( - 2011)

There were more than 32 million Smartphone’s in the UK in 2011 which is expected to double by 2015 (mobileSQUARED)

Customers prefer to receive promotions by text message rather than mobile web according to research by the Direct Marketing Association ( - 2012)

The increasing accessibility of smartphones and tablet computers has contributed to significant growth in web use among people aged 65 and over, a new report suggests.

According to the latest Adults’ Media Use and Attitude study, which was published recently by media regulator Ofcom, the number of over-65s who regularly use the internet grew by 27 per cent between 2012 and 2013.

Your mobile provider may charge for sending this message

To register your business to offer SMS based Loyalty or Voucher Scheme click/tap the image below;

Kingswood Media will provide you with advice on the benefits of using SMS for your business and subject to meeting your expectations we will construct and manage campaigns built around your budget capabilities. Given the flexibility of payment options we offer then this combined with the creative flair and out of the box thinking we are capable of then we are certain your business will generate positive reactions from your customers both old and new without it breaking the bank.

We have built three demos for you to see first hand what can be achieved with SMS marketing. All three can be accessed from the same SMS you send to the number shown below where the links to these demos will be contained within the SMS reply you receive.

The first demo is ideal for any retail business where there is a consistent footfall level through their premises with the objective of the campaign being to encourage as many of those people to opt in to a customer "(your name) scheme". Obviously they will have to be seduced into doing so and an effective way to achieve this can be seen in this demo where a customer will have sent an SMS to join because they will now be a privileged customer receiving exclusive offers and early notification of sales!

Our other two demos focus on the food takeaway market.

This market is notoriously competitive and whilst retaining customers is very much down to convenience, price and above all else the quality of the food, a takeaway business needs to consistently look at ways to increase their client base and at the same time retain the customers they already have.

What is absolutely critical with SMS campaigns is where the links contained within the reply SMS take you.

If they are just sent to a page on a business's website that is a non responsive site then the campaign would almost certainly fail as people do not have the patience to keep zooming in and out to read what it says. The campaign needs to grab the person's attention immediately and allow them to navigate effortlessly to where they want to go.

This is why SMS campaigns constructed by Kingswood Media will be effective for businesses because we build responsive web applications that can be viewed on any device and on any operating system.

To view our demos just follow the instructions below;

Your mobile provider may charge for sending this message

The prices shown below relate to our food takeaway demos. If you're considering an application in line with the retail business demo then please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will call you to discuss the matter in greater detail.

SMS Mobile Application - GOLD PLAN
£395.00 £125.00
Balance @ £270.00
Numbers @ 0.10p £15 mth

SMS Mobile Application - SILVER PLAN
£395.00 £100.00
Go Live £ 95.00
BALANCE £ 200.00
Repay over 10 months
Monthly payment @ £20.00
Numbers @10p deducted first
Use this plan for building up SMS credits to use on your mobile campaigns. We will provide a FREE one page mobile landing page that can be read easily in a Smartphone screen rather than linking it to an unresponsive page on your website. This is a great way to test the water on SMS campaigns with NO contract, NO minimum period & NO commitment. You can choose to pay one off lump sums or regular monthly amounts to build up your credits. The price of each SMS credit reduces depending on the amount paid.
Single Payments examples
£250 3500
£500 7500
£750 10925
£1000 14850
Pay Monthly examples
£15 150
£25 250
£50 525
£100 1100

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